At Elite, we are confident that you’ll receive a Property Management experience unrivalled.  From our communication to our boutique property management service and personal relationships, we aim to please and delight in every interaction.

An advantage to you, our service comes backed with the Elite Service Guarantee.  The Elite Approach gives the kind of peace of mind that money cannot buy!

**In consideration of the trust you have shown towards our Agency, we guarantee to provide you with the best possible service with the management of your investment Property.

  1. You will be allocated a Property Management Specialist who will be your single point of contact at our company. This person will draw upon the resources and expertise of the whole Elite team, but they will remain ultimately responsible for the management of your property.
  2. You will be issued with a direct mobile number and direct email address to contact your property manager.
  3. If you leave a message using your property manager’s direct contact, it will be returned within 24 hours (or one business day)
  4. Your Property will be listed on our Rental Property Guide as soon as a notice to vacate has been received from an existing Tenant, or when your Property is entrusted to us to locate a suitable Tenant.
  1. A signboard will be erected at your Property, if authorised.
  1. We will access our existing prospective tenant database and arrange inspections by Tenants who are looking to rent within your Property’s price range and location (HouseMatch)
  1. Regular contact will be made throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective Tenants about your Property.
  1. Prospective tenants wishing to rent your house will be passed through our strict pre-approval process to ensure that the information given is accurate, and that thetenant will fulfil all obligations as per the Tenancy Agreement. The full particulars of this pre-approval will be discussed with you
  2. A detailed Entry Condition Report with photos will be completed prior to the tenants commencement and a copy of this report provided to all parties.
  3. We will not authorise any repairs on your property without your approval.  In the event of an emergency situation, we will always act with your property’s best interest in mind, and take appropriate steps to minimise the loss.
  4.  We will conduct a thorough internal and external 3-4 month inspection of your Property and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection.
  5. Your Property Manager will monitor your rental payments on a daily basis. Any arrears will be promptly actioned, with notices issued on the first business day they are due. Arrears will be pursued to the full extent allowed by the Property Occupations Act.

**Please note: This guarantee does not apply in the event of a natural disaster, act of war or terrorism, or the interruption of an essential service provider such as electricity, telecommunications, or banking facilities. Business Days are Monday to Friday inclusive.

Should we fail to perform in any of the above areas, we invite you to register your complaint in writing.  If the complaint is not acted upon and rectified within 5 days after receipt of your letter, this guarantee shall entitle the person named above to 3 months’ free management of their Elite-managed property.